Why This Site Exists

My name is Alan Gower and I am a descendent of Jacob Sackett.  He is my great-great-great grandfather on my mother’s side. A while back, my grandparents began tracing our family history back to the American Revolution (and then some) and came across an ancestor named Jacob T. Sackett, who was a Blacksmith, Gunsmith, and a Violin Maker of Saegertown, PA.  Knowing that I have an interest in firearms, my grandparents told me about him and ever since, I have tried to track down any information I can about him, as well as anything he made.

It is my hope that if you are reading this, you have come across something Jacob has made, whether it’s a rifle, shotgun, or violin, and will find the information you’re looking for about Jacob T. Sackett.  If that is the case, then I would love to talk with you about it.  So please feel free to leave a comment or email me anytime!

Check out his Facebook page with more pictures of firearms and violins!  CLICK HERE to go to the Facebook page.